What people are saying about Stephen Kirk

“Stephen Kirk is a man of faith and a talented musician.  These two are not always found together, but in Stephen they mix to provide a special voice in the Church and special service to the Church.  At times people think that song is cosmetic to the spiritual life, but in Stephen we see and hear that song is at the heart of the spiritual life. He shows that the spiritual life really happens when the spirit begins to sing to God.”+Mark Coleridge Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn 

“The Rend the Heavens CD is fantastic.  I had a chance to listen to it twice through on the trip home and it was the best CD I’ve listened to and prayed with for many years – and it’s all I’ve listened to since then. You know its had an impact when you wake up at night with the melody and lyrics on your mind.” Steve Toohey Director, Youth Mission Team 

“Stephen has a great gift to bring to the Catholic Church in effective and prayerful music for young people today that is both appealing and evangelising” - Peter Woods, Director Australia-Pacific School of Evangelisation and Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia 

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