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Whether you have a full music ministry, no musicians at all, or anything in between, the resources on this site can help you have quality music for prayer or reflection, praise or worship, rally or liturgy. Music has an amazing power to draw people to God, and I hope that the music on this site can help you in reaching people for Him.

When you click on one of the pages requiring registration, you will be prompted to register with us.  Registering with this site gives you free access to music recordings and scores that have not yet been published commercially. As the music here becomes available in commercial editions it will be moved from this section of the site and replaced with links to the published resources.  Registering with us is free, and we will never share your details with anyone else.

You are free to copy this music for use by your own individual community; however please respect the copyright on them:
- please do not distribute copies of this music to other communities (let them download it themselves);
- please include the copyright notice on any copies you make; and
- please do not use these copies after the date indicated on the information with the copyright of the music.

Recordings are provided as MP3 files, and can be played by all major media players. Scores are provided as PDF files; to these you will need Adobe © Acrobat Reader on your computer.

If you need something that you can’t find here - a song on a particular theme, a musical setting for a scripture verse, a different mix of a song, whatever it may be – contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

PS. If you want to help with the work of serving the Church through this ministry, please feel free to donate using the link below.  Your contribution is very much appreciated, and every bit goes straight towards the creation of more resources for the Church.