Breaking in to the Light of Easter

We are excited to announce that Stephen's setting of the psalms from the Easter Vigil - the Vigil of Light - will be released on March 31.  These psalm settings, described as the "sound of Easter" by participants of the…

Entering into the "Shadows" - Stephen Kirk

Sometime life doesn’t turn out the way we planned.  I’d been a Christian for quite a few years (I’m not going to say exactly how many!).  I’d led communities, led worship more times than I could count, given innumerable teachings…


Mass of the Holy Spirit Resource Kit

The Mass of the Holy Spirit Resource Kit is now available! 

Since 2011 schools, communities and parishes in Australia have been finding that the Mass of the Holy Spirit setting is a powerful tool for engaging young people (and…


What people are saying about Stephen Kirk

“Stephen Kirk is a man of faith and a talented musician.  These two are not always found together, but in Stephen they mix to provide a special voice in the Church and special service to the Church.  At times people…


In the name of the Father...


It all begins with God.

It all ends in God.

Even the middle bit is all about God too.

It’s all about God.

The fundamental mystery of our faith is God.  One God in three persons.  The communion of…

Music Matters - The Truths of Heaven

Written by Stephen Kirk       Saturday, 09 July 2011 13:49

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Why music matters

In any school there are many reasons why music matters.  Numerous studies over the years have demonstrated that engagement with music…